T.C. Mİllî Eğİtİm BakanlIğI
İZMİR / GÜZELBAHÇE - Güzelbahçe 60.Yıl Anadolu Lisesi


    Our school first started education in the ‘84-’85 school year in its primary education department as a temporary facility. In ‘86, the primary education department was transfered to  Ali Bayırlar İlköğretim Okulu and thus the facility that was first started temporary was left for the use of 60. Yıl Anadolu Lisesi. 

    In the ‘84-’85 school year, our school got its first students via 108 applicants that took the prep course exam, and transferred 47 students ( in their 6th year) from other high schools. Our first graduates recieved their diplomas in ‘89-’90 school year. 

    In ‘88 a 10 flat public housing building was added to the school perimeters. In ‘93 a building consisting of a dining hall, labaratories and  work places were added to facilities too. In ‘94 a  multi purpose sports room, and in ‘99 an extra building consisting of five new subsidiaries and a cafeteria were added to the school. 

    Today, our school continues to provide education with 26 classes and 764 students.  

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